In the bypast year, our company had changed and improved each day that more than 300 colleagues brought gratitude, affection and gratitude to the big family. The 2017 annual gala of Shenzhen Smile Earth Holding Co., Ltd was held on schedule at South Kunshan Grand View Garden Ecological Resort Hotel of Yonghan Town, Longmen County, Huizhou in March 11 2017. All departments’ colleagues of our company gathered together to enjoy the joyous and happy time.
    Apart from the rich and delicious dishes, the most attractive things are rich prizes and wonderful performances. Now, let me introduce the details of wonderful performances that night.
    The opening song was Silent Years 《岁月无声》 and  Love You Truly 《真的爱你》 of Beyond, sung by the Love Free Band of Longgang, Shenzhen. Guitar, bass, drums and shout of pursuing music dream etc, all of these push the atmosphere to the climax. It interpreted the theme of this annual gala perfectly: the starting point is the peak!
    The starting point is the peak – expressed with music, which brought you sensation and comprehension
    Companied by the love free band, the chairman’s boy – Huang Guan sang two songs for all audiences - Li Bai and Childhood.
    Not bad! Uncle Jay was gonna to accept you as pupil. Oh, no! If you want to learn rock, learn from Ashin is the best selection.
    The opening dance was from Zeng Shufang and Zheng Qiuyun, which were great beginning for the annual gala. It won all audiences’ enthusiastic applause.
    As one of China's five major dramas, Huangmei Drama has been loved by countless Chinese people. There is a senior Huangmei Drama fans in our company – Yu Xiulian. She brought us the Huangmei Drama – “Husband and wife View and Admire Lantern”. Not only did she made everyone review the profound Chinese opera culture, but also brought us to a new seeing and hearing experience.
    The short act - Fried Noodle with Sea Cucumber was the sole language program of that night, it naturally excepted and welcomed by all audiences. Last year, You Xiaowei played a role as Song Xiaobao in a short sketch – South Korean Show. As a thin man, he was bullied on the stage. This year, he can’t bear grievance as Song Xiaobao, so he turned to be a boss this year. Fan Yajun acted a role as Xiao Shenyang to play cool last year which was impressive role for all of us, but he was reduced to play Song Xiaobao this year. He brought a famous saying – eating noodle with horseradish is a new fashion, I am gonna lead it.
Xiaobao was tormented by the horseradish and garlic. He hated you more than he can say with horseradish and garlic in his mouth
    One of the copartners of Jinghuang sunglasses - Leng Qi, his son Leng Siqi brought us a street dance named Xiaoshuai’s Dance. It showed us the charm of street dance, which made us sigh with emotion: street dance should start from kids!
Natural and Unrestrained boy
    Jazz dance seeks a happy, lively, energetic feeling. Its characteristic is free to jump, unlike the traditional classical ballet that must be confined to a form and follows an inherent gesture. Zeng Shufang from design department brought us a jazz dance, which brought us different audio-visual feast of jazz dance.
    Models on T-type platform are usually lanky and leggy. Jinghuang Sunglasses colleagues told us that even thought you are not a leggy person, it is still possible for you to walk on T-type platform with international feeling, because that all the sunglasses they wear were from Shenzhen Jinghuang.
As the saying goes that: mainly to see temperament. It’s requisite to wear a pair of Jinghuang glasses
    Belly dance is a kind of dance with Arabian style, which originated in Middle East, and have made great progress in Middle East, Pakistan, India, Iran and other region affected by Arab culture. In the end of 19th century, it was introduced into Europe and United States, which has been a well-known international dance in the world. Lei Lei’s program - Diana proved that she deserved the title the honor of the first dancing queen of Smile Earth.
    YMCA was created by Village People in 1978. Village People was a band which was founded in the 1970s. The members of Village People were dressed as police officers, Indian chiefs, construction workers, soldiers, motorcyclists and cowboys and so on. They had many famous songs, such as Macho Man, Sex over the Phone and YMCA and so on. It was also covered by Yang Kun for the Chinese version. What Zou Peng sang was the Chinese version of Yang Kun.
Zou Peng sang the song with his Zou Voice affectionately
    Classic song is like a pot of old wine. As time flies, its bouquet will be more an more strong. No matter how space and time changes, the classic old songs will be always deposit in our heart, which makes us recollect the good old days or old acquaintances.
    《真心英雄》 - True Heart Hero is a classic song, which created by Jonathan Lee in 1993. It was co-sang by Jackie Chan, Emil Wakin Chau, AnthonyWong, Jonathan Lee. All members of Smile Earth Chorused the classic song affectionately, Let's remember this unforgetable moment.
    Let’s gather once more in 2018.