GNC of US is a well-known superior quality nutrition food enterprise with more than 5,000 stores, 5 million Gold members all over the world. In Asia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong etc have chain stores of it.
    Becoming the first US nutrition brand is the pride of GNC.
    GNC pursues the goal that whole series of products are eligible for the certification of US National Security Sanitation Foundation.
    US National Security Health Foundation is an independent non-profit organization, which is in charge of issuing certificates and establishing standards, including helping to supervise the quality of food, water, air and consumer goods etc.
    Close cooperation with US National Security Sanitation Foundation ensures the products and production facilities of GNC brand meet US National Security Sanitation Foundation.  an independent safety inspection side and verification procedures, since US National Security Sanitation Foundation has strict independent testing and strict Verification Procedures.

    As a reliable supplier of GNC in China, we supply all kinds of BPA free plastic bottle. Let's grow together!