In the misty and rainy early spring, over 300 staffs and some kinsfolks of Shenzhen Smile Earth Holdings Co., Ltd drove more than 100 Kms to South Kunshan Grand View Garden of Yonghan Town Longmen County Huizhou City for outward bound activity and annual gala.
    The thin fog and falling drizzle can’t extinguish all the colleagues’ delighted mood. After coming to outward bound activity base, all the colleagues placed luggage quickly and orderly, and threw themselves into the tense and interesting outward bound activity.
    The theme of this outward bound activity was “the starting point is the peak."At the beginning of outward bound activity, the chairman of Smile Earth Holdings Co., Ltd - Huang Lihua made a speech that thanked all colleagues’ concerted effort and struggle, and also expect that all colleagues achieve more great achievements courageously in the new year.
Chairman of Smile Earth Holding Co., Ltd – Huang Lihua made an important speech
    Before the competitive game of outward bound activity, the coaching staffs carried out a mobilization meeting making all colleagues adjust to the best state. At the behest of coaches, all the colleagues were divided into four zones and five teams each zone. The intense, happy and well-organized game started now.
    Golf passing game: each team’s members needed to work closely, which made sure the golf ball rolled into the red bucket. Any negligence will result in failure that needed to restart from start line. This part of game tested the teamwork and individual members’ balance.
Victory was belonged to the team that scored more points in unit time
    In the afternoon, the “dancing king” from coaching staffs show us how to dance for refreshing.
The flirtatious and coquettish dancing makes our flesh creep. Hah
    Beating drum with ball: a drum was tied with about 15 ropes, each team member hold the end of each rope collectively and closely to increase the number of times of beating ball as much as possible. The game test the whole team’s coordination and the individual members’ behavior.
    Victory was belonged to the team that beat more drum with ball in unit time
    Patting number cards game: a team surrounded a circle with number cards in it. A team must pat all the 30 cards in order in the shortest time as possible as their can. No matter one nor multi-numbers, even all members participated were allowed. This game tested each team’s ability of negotiation, coordination, outsight and agility etc. It’s obvious for outsider to judge that which team is best at consulting with best and most suitable method.
The winner was the team that finishing patting 30 cards in the shortest time
    Not only dose the outreach activity greatly enhanced all the colleagues’ sense of honor and mission, but also made everyone know how to play well in team! 
    At the end of outward bound activity, all the colleagues of Smile Earth gathered in Logo pattern of Smile Earth to memorized the unforgettable moment.
    Tomorrow is another day - Let us embrace beautiful tomorrow and welcome challenging tomorrow. Wish the future of Smile Earth is more glorious and splendid.