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Re: facility security audit

Wal-Mart stores maintains a risk-based supply chain security program to ensure that a sourcing facility maintains the procedures necessary to protect against product and shipment tampering. A supplier is responsible to ensure that their production facility accomplishes the Wal-Mart security standards or merchandise shipped directly to Wal-Mart when Wal-Mart stores is the importer of Record-regardless of the destination country. A sourcing facility must participate in an audit to confirm that Wal-Mart Wal-Mart security standards are met.

Congratulations! The facility below has passed the security audit performed by our designated third party auditing company:

Facility name: Shenzhen Xin Yue Tang Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd

Factory ID(Wal-Mart): 36146272

Facility Address: No.32, niumianling new village, sifangpu, community, pingdi street, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Facility city: Shenzhen

Facility country: China


Audit Score: 85

Merchandise type

Please inform the facility of this audit result. Passing this audit ensures continued recognition by Walmart that facility and supplier are trusted merchandise providers.

The audit report is attached with security findings noted. A finding that pertains to a  Wal-Mart critical security standard is highlighted in red. To ensure continuous improvement please ask the facility to correct all finds indicated in the report. Additionally, a corrective action Plan(CAP) is provided if the country when this facility is located is considered by Wal-Mart as High Risk for supply chain security. The CAP indicates only findings that pertain to Wal-Mart’s Critical Security Standards.

As business partners, we have helped to ensure that only safe and secure shipments enter the global supply chain.

Thank you!

David spaeth,

Global security operations

Wal-Mart stores