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Creative ideas usually come from our daily life. Incorporating the creative element of zipper into the shaker bottle, Making the shaker bottle full of youth, the campus style and nostalgic elements and romanticism etc. Right, our designer is always full of imagination. Now, the groundbreaking ideas of our designer has made the shaker bottle welcomed and favorable by not only fitness enthusiasts, but also artistic youths.Read More

    When referring to creativity, what do you think of it? Creativity is the rebellion of tradition, it is the philosophy of breaking the routine, it is the cycle of creation and destruction, it is the collision of thought and the butt joint of intelligence, it is the novelty and creative idea, it is a disparate solution from ordinary. Applying a creative concept will re-empower imagination and vitality to the products.Read More

    Bitter melon is one of commonest vegetable in summer all around the world. It’s well known that bitter melon is cooked as vegetable generally. Actually, bitter melon is also regarded as raw ingredients of juice.Read More

    We know that the main function of shaker bottle is making protein shake. The last essay we had referred that it can be used to make facial mask. Now, let me show you another usage of shaker bottle.Read More

    When it comes to shaker bottle, most people consider is a kind of bottle used for making protein shake. There is still a usage that you were not sure.Read More

    Before using the shaker bottle, Please don’t take in hot water and leave the shaker bottle a third volume.     Mango milkshake – light yellow: Cut fresh mango flesh into cubes, add water with some honey and milk.    Steamed pumpkin milk beverage– light yellow: Cut the steamed pumpkin into pieces, and then add some honey and milk.Read More

    There are many shaker bottle brand in the world, You may not sure how to use a shaker bottle. Now, let’s discuss these question.Read More

The Shaker bottle has been producing since 2009, and it’s popular with public since then.  Perfect design with Worry-free seal, Iconic design and stainless steel wire whisk, which make it a cool´╝îpragmatic shaker bottle.   Read More
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